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Kidda & Mikka
Meet the Duo

Kidda the hyper one of the group- Is always looking at the world with rose colored glasses to the point where it gets her into a lot of trouble, perhaps the lucky black cat in her? If it wasn't for Mikka always bailing her out, she would have been stuck somewhere.
Her goal in life is to make Mikka crack a smile, but is scared that his face may break. Don't be fooled that she doesn't have any smarts- She just loves to enjoy life and dragging Mikka along where ever she goes!



Mikka the "brains". Always looking at the bad things in life with a sly comment to match the happenings.
Very smart, but doesn't seem to care one way or another, his brains has got him outta some tricky spots when Kidda has decided to drag him into something troublesome. Very anti-social, and still doesn't understand why he hangs around his only "friend" Kidda. Maybe because it's never boring when she's around...free entertainment...



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